Top 10 fights naruto shippuden

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top 10 fights naruto shippuden

Hey guys, I wonder what is your top 10 Naruto Shippuden fights. I added my own opinion and motivated why I chose the respective fight. 10 - Sasori vs. Sakura. This list took a long time to put together, but its finally here.. Facebook: me/1bldZb1 -ナルト- & -ナルト- 疾. This is my top 10 best naruto shippuden fights , I love the fight on naruto coz it contains a lot of battle strategy.

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The tense atmosphere that hangs over each moment, the "Hell Yeah" moment when Lee succeeds in hitting Gaara, the tragedy of the ending, is all why this fight deserves to be in the top 3. Hey guys, I wonder what is your top 10 Naruto Shippuden fights. In the meantime, Pain attacked Konohagakure and slaughtered almost everyone in the village and, after that, destroyed the village itself with a huge Shinra Tensei. However, Itachi did something that possibly no other shinobi would have done: Key battle between the man who SPOILER ALERT But he needed to find out the truth about Pain, a truth that Konohagakure had to know. But it was great to see my 2 favourite characters fight and Sasuke stopped hating Itachi after the fight too. top 10 fights naruto shippuden This page may be out of date. In no particular order sexi online game for Naruto vs Pain which is my favorite: Even after losing one arm, Jiraiya managed to capture the Animal Path and to write a coded message for the Leaf shinobi. He chose to die. Edited by Ajizzle Plus lots of taijutsu and kenjutsu which is always entertaining.


Top 10 Naruto Shippuden Fights

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Brick breacker My favorite fight is Madara Uchiha vs 5 kage ah! Please email errors quora. Not only did he seal the Mizukage but saved Onoki's life as. All throughout the series was building up to this fight and it didn't disappoint. Was a good fight you saw the anger that Ay The Raikage felt towards Sasuke. Question Types Jutsu Questions Character Questions Translation Questions Game Questions General Questions Music Questions. This will no doubt be number one once all episdoes are complete and in English.
Top 10 fights naruto shippuden Pain would be the best fight in PART II of the manga, but in the anime, its animations ruined. Pain and Itachi vs. Or at least top 3. Madara Uchiha ; even though it doesn't really get good until - the other manga only fight besides Naruto vs. Bro you the man All naruto really does in this fight is use around 9 shadow clones and used Rasen-shuriken twice. Very awesome fight seeing the full colors of jiraiya's prowess. He has lived for a ein bett im kornfeld noten long time and seeing fight till the very end brought tears to my eyes.
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